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The Pro Ambitions Battle Camp

July 8-12, 2019

  • Pro Ambitions is the largest and number one youth hockey development company in The Nation
  • We are the official camp of The Boston Bruins
  • We are the official development camp of Hockey East
  • We are the official camp of Bauer and Gatorade
  • All Campers will be given a Bauer practice jersey and Pro Ambitions off ice stick handling ball for practice after camp
  • All campers are required to purchase the Mr. Assist off ice training tool for passing and stick handling at home after camp
  • We will have an older and younger group
  • The morning session is a breakdown of all skill development, including our hybrid powerskating development which combines all skating disciplines specific for hockey( speed/figure/edge work and power)
  • We will cover passing, shooting, breakouts, faceoffs, skating and edgework
  • We will put it all together in the afternoon in game situational battles
  • After every battle is won or lost a second puck is introduced to go in for a second battle and rebound
  • Thousands of touches
  • Every year your player grows in age and hockey they will take away more from The Battle Camp Curriculum
  • We train with only positive reinforcement and unbiased eyes
  • We want all youth players to lose their battles at the beginning of the week and by the end they will be winning them
  • All players will be moved up according to skill and proficiency throughout the week to be challenged and reach their highest bar by the end of the week
  • Our curriculums are trademarked and your coaches are professional youth hockey coaches

Pro Ambitions is a Boston based youth hockey development camp .We are the official camp of Hockey East, The Boston Bruins, Bauer and Gatorade founded by NHL player Jeff Serowik.  We specialize in youth hockey development and are the originator of game situational training, The Battle Camp. The  Battle Camp is for players aged 5-17. The morning skate session we will train all skill development: edge work, c cuts, push, pull, lateral skating, explosive starts and stops both forward and backward, stick handling, shooting, positioning and forward and defensive zone coverage. We put it all together in the afternoon on ice session in game situational battle drills. We train youth players how to battle safely and effectively and most importantly how to win their battles.  Every battle drill, we introduce a second puck and your skater will go back in immediately after the first battle is won or lost for a second battle.  We never want players to be intimidated by the battle camp. It is ok to lose your battles at the beginning of the week, by the end of the week we will get everyone winning their battles. Upper leveled players will battle with coaching staff.